Satellites & Teaching Centers:


Matthew 28:18-20 - The Commission of Jesus compelling us to go ye into all the world and teach nations and make disciples.


Matthew 21:13 - States God's desire for us to become a house of prayer.


We believe His Word and are doers of it.



This area of ministry is led by the anointed Rev. Vanessa Pettway who applies creativity to each area. Rev. Pettway is an outreach minister and recorded Gospel artist who flows in the power of Holy Spirit. She and her husband Minister Mark Pettway founded the group Abundant Life in Birmingham, AL.


Youth Ministry to those ages 12-18. Designed to equip, train and prepare future leaders in their purpose filled vocations. 

Childrens Ministry - Rev. Lilly Hawkins oversees and ministers to our children ages 4-11 with robust and love. She has extensive training in the private educational system working with special needs children. Her devotion and love for children along abounds richly in theanointed training process. Her focus on the vision of the ministry helps her create diversified applications to meeting ministry goals and training up a generation.


Our Influential Women of Faith Ministry is headed up by our first lady, Co-Pastor Brandy. Our bi-monthly meetings are full of wisdom, interaction and fun-filled. A time   of networking in Christ with the spirit of love, revelation in the Word of God and refreshing.                                                                                                                            S.E.W.N. Together International Prayer Groups - Sisters Everywhere Winning Nations is a diverse cultural group of women that pray for their nations and for Israel.

ENGAGE Singles Ministry is designed to inform those believing for a God sent mate what God's Word actually says about it. For singles, widowed, divorced.               *Resumes in October

Men of Valor Ministry is governed by our Pastor who impacts the men with impartation of the Word of God in an atmosphere of power. Men's meetings are held quarterly.

EDUCATIONAL MINISTRY                                                                                          Lydia Joseph School of Business - For business start-ups and those who want to improve their businesses by knowing God's purpose and design for the Kingdom of God and His economic plan.                                                                                                         Classes held September to May.                                                                                              

*This includes certificate and cap and gown ceremony upon completion.

Charis Ministry Training Center - A specialized two year layman's curriculum for those who truly hunger and thrist for more of the knowledge of God. A third year for those with a five-fold call. Classes begin in September and conclude in May.                                                              

*This includes certificate and cap and gown ceremony upon completion.

GPhi CEO 620 - Annual summer youth business camp for those ages 12-18. TBA

ID3 CELL GROUP MINISTRIES                                                                                   ID3 Prayer Cell Groups meet bi-weekly in an harnonious and powerful 90 minutes of prayer, fellowship, food and fun. "We ID3 and Impact 12."                                   Watchmen on the Wall - 6am Prayer - Monday through Friday. Prayer for the Nations and issues of the day. Corporate Reading through the Bible.



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